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Our Story

Hey, Y'all! My name is Maggie, I am the lead photographer on this crazy specialty business that we have decided to call, THE IMAGE DIARIES. For just about the past decade I have been photographing everything under the sun, from weddings to 5K runs and on the other side of the world in Burmese refugee camps. However, there has always been a subject in a particular setting that continues to strike a cord every single time, that subject is you and that setting is your home or your favorite adventure spot! I would love to capture and tell your story through LIGHT and LOVE.

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Light & Love

Our Services

All of our sessions are priced to include session fees as well as processing fees with opportunities of discounts for military and public service families. Your service is the safety for our future, therefore we want to help capture and remember your present.

A glimpse

A two hour look into your life or next family adventure. Includes 20 digital images with print opportunities.

*Starting at $250*

Day in the Life

Let me join you for a day in your life to capture the details you want to cherish and allow beautiful images to share your story. Includes 50 digital images with print opportunities.

*Starting at $500*

On-call Births

A limited amount of on-call birth sessions will be available for hospital or home births as a means of support and the capturing of some of the most emotional days of your life.      

*Starting  at $1,500*


Take me along for a few days on your next family vacation to insure that you don't lose your family time and have captured moments of YOU and your family rather than missing out while behind the camera.                                  *Pricing may vary*

In Home

These images are the epitome of a lifestyle session, they are the perfectly imperfect parts of your day captured in your home or your favorite places. These are the stories that THE IMAGE DIARIES are made of, the morning cuddles in bed, the mid-day snacking, and most of all..... THE LOVE OF YOUR FAMILY!

I just wanted to take a second and thank Maggie Weidhas for these beautiful pictures she has taken for me! she is truly talented. To a mother these arent just pictures they are life long memories of my children and I! I will be forever greatful for these wonderful memories you have given me!!

Kira R. 

Maggie has taken some of my all take favorite photos of my family! Her photos always turn out beautiful and she captures the best moments! If you are looking for a photographer that will capture beautiful shots and put her touch on them for a stunning result, this is where to go!

Amber P.

Maggie is so wonderful to work with and has captured my favorite pictures of my son. Her patience, understanding, and laid back take with sessions makes everyone feel comfortable, and that's where the best shots come from!

Chelsea E.

So we had the most amazing photoshoot yesterday and it's something every single family should do....No matter how old your kiddos are. We did a lifestyle shoot, for those of you who are unfamiliar with that term, it's where a photographer comes to your house and takes pictures of y'all while you're just doing what you do everyday. If you're in Alaska then Maggie Weidhas is your gal.
Here's why I say everyone should do this...I will blink and my boys will be in school. Then teenagers. Then adult men. I will no longer be the center of their world but they will forever be mine. These pictures are so very special to me because it shows what I don't ever get to see. It shows my oldest sort of eating while my youngest needed a snuggle. It shows M.M. being unsure of his favorite toy, and P.R. becoming a big boy while I was putting his jammies on him.
I also love that it shows my house at this stage in our lives because someday all too soon the little tykes car and the baby bouncer will be gone.

Amanda M.

Maggie has captured so many important times in our lives! If you're looking for an artistic flare that not just anyone can do she's the one for you! She will meet you where you feel comfortable which takes so much stress out of picture taking and is always full of laughs and smiles!

September M.

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